Sustaining the environment

Protection of water, soil and air are part of our business strategy. Sustaining the environment come in the form of emission reduction, economic use of water and energy, waste collection and other.

Decisions that are safe for the environment are predominant in the course of development of our company. We are the first laundry in Sofia, which offers service Wet Cleaning (or even called Aqua Cleaning).

Aqua Cleaning is the safest method of cleaning clothes using biodegradable chemicals. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Aqua Cleaning is the safest professional method of cleaning clothes. It does not use harmful chemicals, generates no hazardous waste or pollute the air and reduces the potential for contamination of water and soil. Specialized chemicals used in wet clean process are softer than laundry detergents at home. All products are disposed in the channel and are easily removed from the local facility for wastewater treatment. By Aqua Cleaning is using economical consumption of water and energy compared to dry cleaning .

Professional wet cleaning is great and is environmentally preferable alternative to dry cleaning.